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Essaouira has a small airport but, at present, the only direct flights from Europe are from Paris, Brussels and Marseille. More destinations are expected soon but until then, most people will need to fly to Marrakech or Agadir, both of which are about 100 miles from Essaouira.



If you have a sense of adventure and plenty of time you can get to Marrakech by train from most places in Europe. For details see the award winning website - The Man in Seat 61. The railway network does not extend to Essaouira but Supratours, a subsidiary of Moroccan railways, run buses from Marrakech to Essaouira (see below).  You can check train and bus times at www.oncf.ma.



The cheapest way to get from Marrakech or Agadir to Essaouira is by bus. Supratours, a subsidiary of Moroccan railways, have a comfortable and good value service which runs four or five times per day from a terminal next to Marrakech railway station and once a day from Agadir. For times see www.oncf.ma or Tel 0 (0 212) 5 24 43 55 25. The service is very popular and seats are numbered so it is best to book in advance. Tickets cost about 65 DH plus 5 DH for each piece of luggage in the hold.



The most hassle-free way of getting from the airport to Essaouira is to arrange to be met at the airport by a pre-arranged taxi. Tel: 0 (0 212) 6 48 22 40 18 for details. The journey takes about 2½  to 3 hours. We recommend:


Challa Transport and Royal Falcon Taxis



For short journeys you will find petits taxis are readily available everywhere outside the medinas of Marrakech and Essaouira. They are for short urban journeys only and are not allowed to take more than three passengers. In Essaouira, a trip from one end of the new town to the other should be about 7 DH during the day or 8 DH after dark.


For longer journeys, or more passengers, you will need to use a grand taxi which may take up to six passengers. A grand taxi from Marrakech airport to the Supratours terminal or Gare Routière should be between 100 and 150 DH. Some grands taxis operate on fixed routes and will depart as soon as they have enough passengers so, when asking about fares, you should clarify whether you want to share and pay for individual places or hire the whole taxi. Shared grands taxis (‘taxis collectifs’) to Essaouira from Marrakech leave from Bab Doukala and cost about 80 DH per person, though with six people in an ancient Mercedes this is not the most comfortable way to travel!


Car hire

There are several international car hire operators at Marrakech airport and numerous small independent ones in Essaouira. Car hire is relatively expensive in Morocco and the cars tend to be older than those used by hire companies in Europe.


Bike hire

In Essaouira, you can hire cycles or scooters from several places, including Moga2roues, which is in Jardins bin al Aswars, near the Supratours kiosk (just outside the medina between Bab S'baa and Bab Marrakech) Tel: 0 (0 212) 6 70 57 13 47 Email: moga2roues@live.fr